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Access eGLF v1.

Currently CoDEG team is developing eGLF v2.

A competency framework is a collection of competencies that are thought to be central to 
effective performance. 
Competence is the ability to carry out a job or task.
A competency is a quality or characteristic of a person related to effective or superior 
It is made up of many things such as motives, traits and skills.  
A behavioural competency describes typical behaviour observed when effective performers apply 
motives, traits or skill to job relevant tasks.


TOP UK General Level Framework:

Singapore General Level Framework:

GLF Structure



This framework is made up of the following components: The main areas of competency (competency cluster), which are:

  • Delivery of patient care
  • Problem solving
  • Personal
  • Management and Organisation


Each of these clusters contain closely related competencies. Using the Delivery of patient care competency cluster as an example, the competencies in this area pertain to:

  • Patient consultation
  • Need for the drug
  • Selection of drug
  • Drug specific issues
  • Provision of drug product
  • Medicines information and patient education
  • Monitoring drug therapy
  • Evaluation of outcomes

Behavioural statements, assessment rating

Each of these competencies have:

  • A number of statements, known as behavioural statements that define how that competency would be recognised.
  • An assessment rating ranging from always, usually, sometimes or never.

User Guides

eGLF Student-Practitioner User Guide


Practitioners that are using eGLF as the assessment tool with or without their practice tutor are referred as 'students' in this context.

Students have access to their own details in the database. 
They can: 
– Complete and save eGLF responses (self-assessment);
- Assign/re-assign to their current tutors and peerers; 
– View responses to previous eGLF assessments; 
– View the status of all assessments by cluster, competencies and behaviour statements; and, 
– Compare their results with other students from the same organisation, students under the same 
Tutor, students at the same time line of their practice, etc..
- View and compare their own results at different practice points

Assignments will have one month period to be completed. Students will receive a notification from administrator when assignment is due.

Students can save their responses and return to their eGLF at any time to review and change them. However, once a cluster has been reviewed and ‘locked’ by the Tutor they cannot change their answers. Only Tutors are able to change responses after an assessment has been locked


eGLF Tutor User Guide


Students assign themselves to their practice tutor, which results in e-mail notification to the tutor. It allows tutor to access assessment of the student.

Tutors have access to the details of their own students in the database. 
They can: 
– Alter students’ eGLF responses; 
– ‘Lock’ (sign off) students eGLF responses so that they cannot be altered by the student; 
– Analyse students’ eGLF performance; 
– View students’ responses to previous eGLF assessments; 
– View the status of all students’ assessments by cluster, competency and behaviour statement; 
– Compare students’ responses with those from the same organisation, the same practice group, 
at the same level of practice, etc.;and,
– Compare a student’s responses with the rest of the Tutor's students. 


  • Tutors can change and lock students’ responses and scores in the eGLF so ensure care is taken when accessing these pages.
  • Tutors only have access to their own students eGLF responses.


eGLF Administrator User Guide


The highest administration and management power lies within CoDEG team. Other administrators are personnel of different organisations that are using eGLF. They are managing details and membership of their students and tutors.

Administrators set the assessments according to their organisation's needs, including assessments at 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 months of practice.

Administrators have complete and full access to the database. 
They can:
– Add or change new tutors and students;
– Enter or change details relating to the membership of students to Lead Tutors, employers, job 
band and assessment point;
– Enter or change details relating to the membership of Administrators or Lead Tutors to employers 
and job band;
– Enter new job bands or types, employers, SHAs, assessment points and cluster targets;
- Set interim assessment depending on organisational needs;
- Modify interim assessments depending on the purpose;
– Analyse any student’s eGLF performance;
– Change students’ eGLF responses; and
– See raw data and log off users.


The Administrator can change student, tutor and other administrator details, including students’ eGLF responses, so ensure care is taken when accessing these pages.


eGLF Technical

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