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Professional Development Framework Tool (PDFT)

The PDFT (was ACLF) is a competency framework designed to be used by advanced level practitioners. It provides a reference for the competencies desired at each level of practice and describes a clear pathway for personal and professional development up to and including Consultant pharmacists (in England). Unlike the GLF, which is used as an assessment tool, the PDFT is currently used as a self-development tool for advanced level practitioners to map their own practice and identify their own levels of competence.

  • See Codeg web site - http://www.codeg.org/ - PDFT - mostly repeated here
  • Extensive document from Fast Track MSc Handbook Has section about mapping ACLF. See Apendix 3 and 4. pp 51.. Note: The students in course have been using the framework and will be a source of experience for its use.

eACLF Description

eACLF Design


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