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One of the healthcare clusters in Singapore, the Singapore Health Services (Singhealth), has decided to adapt & adopt the UK CoDEG competency frameworks.

The 7 Singhealth institutions are:



CoDEG has been invited to hold a train-the trainers event and introduction how developmental frameworks are used in UK and Australia between 4th and 9th of December, 2009. This is a virtual space for the partnership and collaboration within SingHealth institutions and pharmacists as well as CoDEG group.


4th December (Friday)

Understanding the imperatives for practitioner development. Understanding the contexts of continuing pharmacy education. Introduce GLF and ALF

6th December (Sunday)

  • Developmental Frameworks- Global perspective- Prof. Ian Bates
  • Presentation of SGH Competency Framework - Dr. Camilla Wong

SGH GLF and ALF progress, challenges and plan

Outline and discuss the adoption of the GLF, Mini- Clinical examination, mini-Peer assessment tool and case-based discussion and findings after 3 years in Queensland

Understand the purpose of giving feedback

Identify strategies to providing successful feedback

Develop skills in performing feedback

Develop skills in setting goals, identifying education and training needs and monitoring progress

9th December (Wednesday)

Tutors (Facilitators)

  • Dr. Ian Coombes Medicine Services Queensland, Queensland Health, Australia
  • Dr. Catherine Duggan London School of Pharmacy, UK Clinical Pharmacist Association (UKCPA), UK
  • Ms. Angelina Tan Singapore General Hospital, Singapore
  • Ms. Linda Cardiff Medicine Services Queensland, Queensland Health, Australia

Students (super-trainers)

  • Lim Kiat Wee
  • Kong Ming Chai
  • Lim Teong Guan
  • Chang Wei Terk
  • Liew Yixin
  • Joyce Lim Wai Hing
  • Lim Wee Heng
  • Carol Puhaindran
  • Charlene Ong
  • Ng Aishing
  • Janice Lim Chai Huang
  • Oh Ching Ching
  • Hon Jin Shing
  • Sharon Fan Siew May
  • Chang Yok Ying
  • Lai Hwei Ching

Other Frameworks

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