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UCLP Publications project

  • Database uclp_db - three tables tblPubs, listARtTypes listTrusts - listArtTypes linked by artID to artType in tblPubs
  • Files in Codeg\uclp and database with other codeg ones.
  • Local files in \codeg\IanBates_PubProject


Article types

1,Peer reviewed research
2,Review article (research/evaluation)
3,Peer reviewed abstract
4,Conference proceedings
5,Education/CPD article
6,Book or book chapter
7,Policy document 


  • artType needs to be added as a number - has relation and so needs numeric see table above.
  • Save version of db and make trial imports - till no errors. Error line is line in import file.
  • Errors get caused by text in number columns = vol, pages. Pages can have 6-8 but hjad trouble getting the text in without going to date.

Upload rules

  • Copy main active database from server.
make second copy
  • Check xls sheet.
Remove first id column.
Check field artType for correct numbers and all records complete with entry - edit if necessary - this is a number field
Check pubPages for all numbers - has thrown out in past, although text field and should accept anything.
Can have numbers, or range 45-56 - maybe problem with underlying xls cell type - not sure.
  • Check for error file - correct
  • Copy back to server.


Problem with title in pup_edit. Would not take a string. I have made a more relaxed version of userinput called usertext. Not relaxed enough. It throws out bad words - one of which is selection. Have needed to remove this from usertext so we can get titles with select in. Also few other common words.

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