CoDEG has previously proposed four levels of practice in pharmacy: a registered pharmacist (MRPharmS); a general pharmacist practitioner (GPP); an advanced pharmacist practitioner (APP); and a consultant pharmacist (CP). Consultant NHS Pharmacists are now in post across England, with these posts being developed using guidelines issues by the Department fo Health, and supported using the ACLF framework.  

A strategy to develop registered pharmacists to general level has been implemented by the Joint Programmes Board (JPB). This particular model provides a mechanism for more seamless career development from post-registration to more advanced levels of practice. Practitioners are able to plan and monitor personal development by mapping their CPD and CE activities using the advanced practitioner framework which allows judgements to be made on an individual's current level of practice and highlights future developmental needs.

For further information on advanced practice and new programmes please access the JPB website.

Work has also been conducted by specialist pharmacy organisations on the identification of knowledge, skills and experiences required to practice at advanced levels and processes for recognising advanced practitioners.





An expert group of critical care pharmacists have produced guidance for pharmacists wishing to specialise in the area of adult critical care. Click here for more information.

For information on the development of the General Level Framework in Australia click here.




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