The CoDEG General Level Framework (GLF) supports the development of an individual practitioner from registration to a general level of practice and has found widespread application in hospital pharmacy across the UK. A controlled trial of the first edition GLF has demonstrated that its use accelerates and sustains pharmacists’ development (1). The second edition of the GLF (2) has completed a successful evaluation in primary care and community pharmacy. The GLF (3rd Edition) is suitable for use in hospital, primary care and community pharmacy. 



To see how the GLF is being used in the UK and internationally, read the results of our survey.

Diploma in General Pharmacy Practice (DipGPP)

A strategy to develop registered pharmacists to general level has been implemented by the Joint Programmes Board (JPB). The JPB is a working collaboration between the higher education sector and the NHS in the London, Eastern and South East region of England (covering approximately 40% of the population of England). The particular model developed by this partnership provides a mechanism for more seamless career development from post-registration to more advanced levels of practice.  The GLF is a key assessment and development tool for the Diploma in General Pharmacy Practice


NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF)

Work has been undertaken to demonstrate how the General Level Frameworks (GLF versions 1 and 2) translate onto the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) Outline for Band 6 pharmacists. It is a joint initiative between CoDEG and Alison Eggleton on behalf of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We are grateful also to Richard Cattell of the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists for his advice.

For guidance on how the General Level Frameworks translate onto the NHS  KSF for Band 6 pharmacists click here

Also available here are suggested performance levels for the GLF competencies. 


Linking HAG C&TFs to the GLF

CoDEG and the Joint Programmes Board have been working with the Harmonisation of Accreditation Group (HAG) as many areas within England are adopting the criteria required by HAG for some Enhanced Services. The HAG Competency and Training Frameworks (C&TFs) are being mapped to the GLF




The CoDEG development frameworks are now being used routinely in Australia and Singapore, and are being evaluated in Croatia and Serbia





1. Antoniou et al. Pharmacy Education 2005: 5: 201-7

2. Mills et al. Pharmaceutical Journal 2005; 275: 48-52







An expert group of critical care pharmacists have produced guidance for pharmacists wishing to specialise in the area of adult critical care. Click here for more information.

For information on the development of the General Level Framework in Australia click here.




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