Since developing the General Level and Advanced & Consultant Level competency frameworks, there has been much interest from other groups in adapting them for other applications, both in the UK and internationally.


International Partners


Queensland Health (Australia)

The Safe Medication Practice Unit (SMPU) at Queensland Health, Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CoDEG in 2006 and has been working since then to implement its work on competency frameworks. The General Level Framework has now been adapted for use and has been implemented state-wide in Queensland, Australia.


Atlantic Grupa (Croatia)

Atlantic Grupa is the largest chain of community pharmacies in Croatia and is working with CoDEG to develop a competency framework which is applicable to pharmacy practice in Croatia. A Memorandum of Understanding between CoDEG and Atlantic Grupa was signed in 2009.


Apoteka Subotica (Serbia)

Apoteka (Pharmacy) Subotica is a state health institution which delivers pharmaceutical care in the municipality of Subotica, Serbia via 20 branches. Pharmacy Subotica consists of 115 employees, including 40 graduate pharmacists and 45 pharmaceutical technicians. Its practitioners are committed to health promotion and the health education of its citizens.


SingHealth (Singapore)

In late 2009 the New Pharmacist Career Pathway was approved at the SingHealth level. The adapted GLF and ACLF are included as part of this pathway.



Following a presentation of the Croatian GLF in Macedonia there has been great interest among the Macedonian pharmacy community to validate the GLF for use in this country.

An expert panel was held in April 2012 which was attended by the President of Monte Negro and consisted of the the Pharmaceutical Chamber, Pharmaceutical Society, University, Ministry of Health, State Assurance Office, Public Health, Hospital and Community pharmacies, and Psychologists. It was hugely successful – the Global Competency Framework was unanimously adopted, validated and confirmed for a pilot on a national level in Macedonia. After panel, focus groups were held, consisting of around 40 pharmacists representing approximately 200 pharmacies.





An expert group of critical care pharmacists have produced guidance for pharmacists wishing to specialise in the area of adult critical care. Click here for more information.

For information on the development of the General Level Framework in Australia click here.




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