The Framework for Pharmacy Technicians in Medicines Management (FPT) was launched at the APTUK Conference in June 2010.  It is a tool to support the development of both individual pharmacy technicians and the medicines management services they provide. The framework is endorsed by both the Association for Pharmacy Technicians UK and the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association.

The documents are available to download here:


Continuing professional development using tools such as the GLF (1) and the ACLF (2) clearly support the professional development of pharmacists. Both of these development frameworks are now in common use across the UK, Singapore, Ireland and Australia. 


It was postulated that if pharmacy technicians undertook similar medicines management activities to pharmacists the GLF could be adapted for use by this group of staff who are often neglected in terms of development. 


A reconstructed GLF – called the TLF (Technician Level Framework) - was developed and piloted during 2008/early 2009. The TLF was shown to improve performance of pharmacy technicians in medicines management over time (see evidence presented at UKCPA conference in November 2009). The qualitative results of the pilot led to the updating of the competency grids and the explanatory handbook. 


During the final revision of the TLF it underwent a name change to the Framework for Pharmacy Technicians (FPT) in Medicines Management.  The FPT consists of competency grids, an explanatory handbook, and various appendices to support its use.





The Technician Level Framework (TLF) is now known as the Framework for Pharmacy Technicians in Medicines Management (FPT). It follows the format of the General Level Framework (GLF) for general level pharmacists. 

The FPT was based on the format of the General Level Framework (GLF) and was developed by a group of pharmacy technicians who were either Medicines Management Technicians (MMTs), managers of a MMT service, educationalists in Trusts, or delivering MMT training. For more background information see this presentation by Jane Hough (Pharmacy Clinical Services Manager at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford) to the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK) conference in November 2007. 

To view the pilot version and its appendices please click on the link below:
TLF Pilot version January 2008



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