CoDEG and the Joint Programmes Board have been working with the Harmonisation of Accreditation Standards for pharmacy services (HASPS) scheme as many areas within England are adopting the criteria required by HAG for some Enhanced Services. A linking of the GLF to the HASPS Competency and Training Frameworks (C&TFs) has been undertaken. This will:

  • enable pharmacists using the GLF as a basis for their CPD to easily see which GLF areas are relevant to the enhanced service where HAG accreditation is required and is being used locally;
  • allow the mappings and C&TFs to support the delivery of the workshop and assessment requirements by pharmacy postgraduate education providers, enabling students to meet the HASPS accreditation requirements.

Practitioners will still need to work with their local Primary Care Trusts to find out which Enhanced Services are being commissioned within their locality. This arrangement with HASPS should ensure that the necessary training requirements within the HASPS C&TFs will be fulfilled by postgraduate training and education providers using the GLF to underpin the demonstration of professional development for Enhanced Service delivery. Some information may still be needed with regard to local arrangements, e.g. paperwork and local contacts.


Documents linking HASPS C & TFs to GLF competencies

Two documents have been produced for each HASPS Competency & Training Framework (C & TF). The first is a comprehensive mapping of the GLF against the enhanced service specification (where this exists) and the use of PGDs where applicable. The document interprets the key GLF behaviours for the enhanced service. This helps pharmacists recognise how to apply the GLF to different services they deliver. The HASPS competencies are also listed against the relevant behavioural statements of the GLF. It is expected that pharmacists will use this mapping to support and identify portfolio entries for CPD.

The second document is a summary showing where the HAG competencies specifically map to the GLF behaviours. This quick reference guide will support the inclusion of the reference to the GLF in all future C&TFs.

C&TF to GLF mapping documents and Guidance

See here for all mapped C & TFs.






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