GLF in Serbia

The GLF Serbia, translated from the GLF Croatia, will be piloted from 15th March 2011 with a view to rolling out the Framework nationally. This collaboration between Croatia and Serbia in implementing improvements in pharmaceutical care will serve as the starting point for future projects.

By implementing the GLF, Subotica Pharmacy has become a pioneer in leading the way towards the model of a globally applicable evaluation instrument and the development of pharmacist competencies.

To share their work and invite others to present their experiences, Pharmacy Subotica recently organised a symposium attended by around 120 participants from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Hungary. Eminent international speakers from the FIP-WHO-UNESCO Global Pharmacy Education Taskforce and the University of Belgrade were invited. The report of the Symposium can be found here.

About Apoteka Subotica

Pharmacy Subotica is a state health institution which delivers pharmaceutical care in the municipality of Subotica, Serbia. Subotica has a multinational population (Serbian, Croatian and Hungarian) due to its border with Hungary. According to the last census (conducted in 2004), Subotica has a population of around 148,000.

Pharmacy Subotica performs various different activities. It issues prescription medicines and medical devices, and sells OTC medicines, health products and magistral and galenic preparations. Its pharmacists are committed to health promotion and the health education of its citizens.

Pharmacy Subotica consists of 115 employees, including 40 graduate pharmacists and 45 pharmaceutical technicians. The pharmacy has 20 branches in the city of Subotica and in its suburbs.

Pharmacy Subotica is a modern, proactive and innovative organization focused on preserving and improving public health through a synergy of traditional values and modern scientific achievements. We are best known for the recognitions of our achievements in the scientific area, and by the general public for outstanding customer satisfaction. We continuously implement, and improve on, the advances of pharmaceutical practice.



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