RESOURCES: Presentations

The work of CoDEG is continuously being disseminated at conferences, workshops and meetings. All recent presentations are available for you to download here in PDF or PowerPoint Slideshow format. The work of CoDEG is developmental and as such any information held in these documents is correct at the time of the presentation, and is subject to change.  



Arijana Mestrovic: The results of a 12-month evaluation of the Croatian GLF. FIP Congress, Lisbon, 2010.

Powerpoint presentation



Arijana Mestrovic: Community pharmacists' development using General level Framework.  FIP Congress, Istanbul, 2009.


Jane Hough: Evaluation of Technician Framework. UKCPA Conference, November, 2009.


Presentations in Singapore, December 2009:


SHPA National Conference, Adelaide, Australia. September 2008.


Singapore Pharmacy Congress, October 2007:




An expert group of critical care pharmacists have produced guidance for pharmacists wishing to specialise in the area of adult critical care. Click here for more information.

For information on the development of the General Level Framework in Australia click here.




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