The CoDEG General Level Framework (GLF) was used to assess performance, and to evaluate and develop competencies, in community pharmacies in Croatia in 2009 and 2010. Using the GLF in a competency development plan, it was found that after a 12 month period all named competencies could be significantly developed.This work has additionally used the GLF as an educational intervention to develop community pharmacist’s competencies and improve pharmaceutical care in Atlantic Farmacia, the largest pharmacy chain in Croatia, delivering pharmaceutical care to 4.5 million patients per year.

After successful implementation in a Croatian setting, a three-day Competency Symposium was organized in the town of Subotica in Serbia. Arijana Meštrović, Head of Educational Centre Farmacia, as the competency development manager and CoDEG representative for Eastern Europe, moderated an expert panel group at the Symposium, which included the President of Serbian Pharmaceutical Chamber, Society and Faculty, pharmacy practitioners, and specialists and physicians from different areas of Serbia. She also presented to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians the key competencies in pharmaceutical care and shared her experience from Croatia. Participants agreed that the GLF would be a key professional development tool for pharmacists, and as a consequence would improve pharmaceutical care in general. They also felt that there was an opportunity to implement the GLF in a Serbian setting.

It was decided on a national level that Apoteka Subotica will lead a pilot project from 15th March with a view to rolling out the GLF nationally. This collaboration between Croatia and Serbia in implementing improvements in pharmaceutical care will serve as the starting point for future projects.


Arijana Mestrovic is the CoDEG representative in Eastern Europe. If you would like more information about the GLF implementation in Croatia or Serbia please email her here.

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