The Safe Medication Practice Unit (SMPU) at Queensland Health has been working with CoDEG to implement its work on practitioner frameworks. The General Level Framework, developed by CoDEG, has now been adapted for use in Australia and is used state-wide in Queensland, Australia. An award-winning presentation by Judith Coombes at the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) in November 2007 describes the state-wide roll out of the GLF in Queensland.

The Safe Medication Practice Unit (SMPU) was established in January 2005 as a continuation of the Queensland Health Medication Management Services (QHMMS) and the Quality Improvement and Enhancement Program-Quality Use of Medicines (QIEP-QUM) Program Area. SMPU is now part of Medication Services Queensland, Clinical and Statewide Services.

The aim of SMPU is to improve the health of Queenslanders through quality use of medicines, with a focus on the prevention of adverse drug events, by means of multidisciplinary enhancement of medication-related services and moving to best practice medication management. This goal will be achieved through six major SMPU areas: high risk medications and systems; medication continuum; medication review; electronic medication management strategy; maintenance; and, data management.

These program areas and the continuing goals of the SMPU will ensure safety initiatives outlined in the Health Ministerís Joint Communique 23 April 2004 are progressed.

SMPU has representation within the following National Projects: Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council (APAC) Continuum of Care Guidelines; and, National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) Oversight Commitee.



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